Academic Program Structure

Academic Program Structure

The degree consists of:

Mandatory courses: 45 ECTS

Practicum: 24 ECTS

Master’s Thesis: 6 ECTS

The 75 ECTS are distributed into three sections:

Subject 1. Fundamental theories of Spanish learning as a second language (12 ECTS OB) (More information)

Subject 2. Instructional approach for Spanish as a second language: independent learning dynamics, good teaching strategies, and educational planning (6ECTS OB) (More information)

Subject 3. Spanish as a second language assessments (6ECTS OB) (More information)

Subject 1. Research and innovation in teaching Spanish (6 ECTS OB) (More information)

Subject 2. Spanish teaching and development in a global world: administration and supervision, specific purposes, and service learning (9 ECTS) (More information)

Subject 3. New technology for Spanish education (6 ECTS) (More information)

Subject 1. Practicum (24 ECTS) (More information)

Subject 2. Master’s Thesis (6 ECTS) (More information)