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Data Analytics Program

Data Analytics Program

Are you comfortable with numbers? Do you have an eye for detail? Do you draw conclusions and make connections that other people don’t see at first glance? Do you want to learn to program? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, the Data Analytics Program is for you. Technology has brought about changes in business models. Think about your own experiences whenever you watch a series, listen to music or communicate with the bank. This speciality will help you play an active role in the business and economic transformation processes currently under way.

Data Analytics desplegables

Students with an interest in analytical matters who are eager to solve real-life business problems through the intensive use of new technologies.

  • To access and manage massive datasets.

  •  To carry out advanced-level programming.

  •  To work with visual elements and thus contribute to the understanding and interpretation of complex concepts and aspects of business and economic problems.

  •  To identify patterns and trends and extract information that helps generate competitive advantages for companies.

  •  To apply mathematical models to solve complex economic and business problems.

  •  To communicate results in an efficient manner.

  •  Graduates have knowledge of quantitative analysis and prediction models and advanced technological tools. In addition, they should have a profound understanding of today’s economic and business world, whether they have studied Economics or Business Administration. Through this double training program, students will become professionals who are capable of identifying problems and offering technological solutions.


The Data Analytics Program diploma has been aligned with the new needs of the business world. This field is expected to offer some of the most in-demand jobs in the near future, and there’s even talk of a fourth industrial revolution. Companies need applicants with digital knowledge and skills. The World Economic Forum has highlighted this profile among the 11 most in-demand occupations in 2022.


 1 exchange, 1 international seminar and visits to companies.

 4 years.

 Economics (bilingal).

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