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Since 2014, Digital unav-Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life at the University of Navarra works as an academic partner of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, at the University of Oxford, and supporting the organization of its Digital News Report. Under this global project, Digital unav brings you the specific, a detailed study focused on news consumption trends in Spain.

Our review of the attitudes and behaviors of online news users is based on a yearly online survey conducted by YouGov for the Digital News Report’s partners around the world. As regards the study in Spain, more than 2,000 surveys among individuals are collected, which are weighted to be representative of age, gender, income and education groups, among other criteria. brings you the what, who, when, where, why, how (and how much) of online news media usage. It provides valuable data and analysis about platforms, devices, trust, motivations, formats, brands, payments, social media, participation, moments and places of consumption, and more. You can access it online for free, and contact us at for further details and collaboration.



Alfonso Vara Miguel


Avelino Amoedo



Samuel Negredo





(includes Spain country profile by SN/AV/AA, plus Latin America overview by Ramón Salaverría)




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Ten Key Points of Digital News Report Spain 2017 (1’ 30”).