Cultivating Virtue in the University

Cultivating Virtue in the University

Seminario con Edward Brooks sobre el libro Cultivating Virtue in the University organizado por el Centro Humanismo Cívico para estudios sobre el carácter y la ética de las profesiones del Instituto Cultura y Sociedad de la Universidad de Navarra. 

Across the globe, educators are grappling with how best to prepare a new generation to engage the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century. Along with knowledge and skills, many are now emphasizing the importance of character. Yet, while there has been a robust movement to educate character among children and adolescents, much less attention has been given to the ethical formation of college and university students. This seminar will explain in more detail the seven strategies that can be used for character education at the level of the university. 

A required reading that helps one prepare for active participation in the seminar will be offered (Lamb, M., Brant, J., & Brooks, E. (2022). Seven Strategies for Cultivating Virtue in the University. In J. Brant, M. Lamb & E. Brooks (Eds.), Cultivating Virtue in the University (1st ed., pp. 115-156). Oxford University Press). Upon registration you will receive access to the reading.


Edward Brooks. Director Ejecutivo del Oxford Character Project. Universidad de Oxford.





Emma Cohen de Lara. Investigadora del Centro Humanismo Cívico.



31 de enero de 2023




Museo Universidad de Navarra. Aula 1.

Ciudad Pamplona
Organiza Instituto Cultura y Sociedad