Internal quality control standards

Following the commitment to quality of the University of Navarra, School of Business and Economics has developed a series of procedures to ensure the review and continuous improvement of all issued official degrees (Bachelor, Bachelor, Master and PhD) and therefore introduced a system of Internal Quality Assurance (SGIC).

Information about Quality Control Standards

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  • What does the Quality Assurance Committee do?

    The organization in charge of quality monitoring and assurance of official degree programs is the Quality Assurance Committee (CGC), which was approved and created on November 25, 2009, and governed by a resolution of the Board of Management that ensures the presence of various stakeholders on the committee: academic staff, undergraduate and graduate students, administrative and service personnel, and members of the Quality and Accreditation Assessment Committee (CECA).

    The Quality Assurance Committee also acts as a vehicle for communication of the School's quality policies and objectives by ensuring compliance and dissemination throughout the university community.

  • Distribución de los procesos de los miembros de la CGC

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