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Nested Applications




The University of Navarra's scientific body has built up a vast range of valuable knowledge in the 50 years since the institution was founded. 

Nested Applications

Nested Applications


How to consult the technological offer

What the University offers in terms of science and technology is the result of its personnel's hard work and skills, as well as the resources and equipment the team has at its disposal.

The University currently publicizes its available technology in two user-friendly ways.

Firstly, a catalogue of key search terms has been created that allows users to search for researcher skills and specialties from more than 600 terms. Each record contains the researcher's contact details and, if available, a link to the webpage with further information.

Secondly, each department and institute at the University has defined its research fields, so the University's programs can also be viewed by searching via a shortcut to the pages that detail the skills, programs and services on offer.

Furthermore, the University of Navarra is part of an international network (the Enterprise Europe Network) for the promotion of technological resources and requests. If the desired skills and knowledge are not found among the University's researchers, this network can provide alternatives. It is also a tool for companies wishing to promote their own resources and requests.

Industrial Property

The University also has a considerable patent portfolio in the areas of science, pharmacy and medicine.



Xavier Tapias Mateu

Deputy Director of Valuation and Transfer

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31008 Pamplona, Spain

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