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Discounts, financing, payment methods. Admission and financial aid. University of Navarra

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Study of Cost and Scholarships

We offer you tailor-made financial advice bringing you closer to the possibilities that make nothing stop you from growing. By requesting the Study of Cost and Scholarships, we will help you get the best scholarship and financing options available to you. The result of the Cost and Scholarship Study is binding. To do so, you must have an account at miUNAV with at least one application for admission.

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See information below on all the discounts available to you

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Incentivation Plan

It is a special pricing system for students with suitable conditions and interest, who have financial difficulties to study at the University of Navarra.


Incentivation Plan

It is a special pricing system for students with suitable conditions and interest, who have financial difficulties to study at the University of Navarra.


1.Be admitted to one of the official master's programs that will be taught at the University of Navarra in the academic year 2021-2022.

2. That the family income per capita for the year 2019 is less than 20,000 euros (25,000 euros in some cases).

3.Having obtained an average grade higher than 7 in the Bachelor's degree studies that give access to the master's degree, with the exception of some programs for which there is no such requirement.

4. Confirmed participation in the Incentive Plan, the student will be indicated the amount of the total enrollment of the Master Program.

5.All the credits enrolled in the first and second call will be paid with the rate assigned to the student, updated according to a percentage determined by the University close to the IPC in the second year.

6. The subjects that have as a qualification «failed», «not presented» or «resignation of the call» are considered not passed. In repeated credits, the Incentive Plan does NOT apply. Those subjects not passed will be paid at the corresponding ordinary amount, like the rest of the students.

7.The incentive amount of the enrollment can only be rewarded by means of the Alumni discount.

8. The Incentive Plan cannot be combined with any bonus, the only exception being the one mentioned in the previous point. In the event that a bonus could be applied, it will always be the most beneficial for the student.

9. The Incentive Plan is compatible with the Santander Master University of Navarra Scholarship and public scholarships.


Those people who are interested in participating in the Incentive Plan must request the Study of Cost and Scholarships on the miUNAV Portal, accompanied by the Application for Admission.

The resolutions of the Cost Study and Scholarships, which will give access to the Incentive Plan, will be adjusted to the deadlines set for the publication of admissions.

For more information, you can contact the Office for the Financing of Studies of the Admission Service by email (becas@unav.es) or by phone (+34 948 42 56 14).

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Discounts for large families

The University aims to reward the commitment and loyalty of large families investing in the education and future of their children.

The discounts available are based on the number of children enrolled during the same academic year in the University and the relative position of each in the family.

Consult the discount database


Former students of the University of Navarra

The discount in the cost of tuition is a reduction of 12% of the cost of the standard tuition fee*.

This discount cannot be added to any other from the University, scholarships from public bodies, scholarships from the Santander Group or scholarships or financial aid that is provided by some programs, except where otherwise stipulated.

(*) Programs at IESE Business School do not include this discount.


Becarios del Ministerio de Educación o del Gobierno Vasco

La bonificación aplicable a la matrícula se hará efectiva después de haber recibido la notificación de la concesión de beca, siempre que no se hayan obtenido bonificaciones superiores a los precios públicos de la enseñanza, excepto en el caso de la reducción concedida a las familias numerosas, que se percibe completamente por ser compatible con esas becas.


We offer different ways of financing your studies so that you can fulfill your dreams and study at the University of Navarra.

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Bank Credit

The Financial Aid Office in Admissions has several loan and credit programs with banks offering special conditions to students of the University of Navarra.


The student should make contact with their chosen bank with regard to these plans so that they can obtain the loan in advance and pay the tuition on time at registration, as required.



Students can pay tuition in four installments by credit card or direct debit. If they have already paid some of the registration, the remaining amount is divided into four equal parts. The system will remind the student of the payment dates. The amount of the scholarship will be deferred until the moment it is paid by the entity that grants it.