What should I study at University?


We accompany you in the process of choosing your university studies. We assess your skills, abilities and areas of interest with the help of the Orientation Test. We want you to be right in choosing your career.

Here we explain step by step how we help you in choosing your university studies



Sign up or access the portal miUNAV

  • Request from miUNAV miUNAV to carry out an online test of intellectual aptitudes and professional interests. Or access the portal.


Conduct the personal online interview with a professional

 How is the online orientation test?



Performance tests in which the student has to solve different problems related to a specific ability in a set time. The skills it measures are: verbal, logical, numerical and spatial.



Indicate an indicative profile to determine those aspects that can help you when facing your studies.


Professional interests

Measures the degree of preference or not, in matters related to different professional interests.


Undergraduate degrees

So that you discover all the academic offer of the University.

Your orientation does not end when you arrive at the University



When you begin your studies, the University will assign you a professor or professor as a mentor to help and guide you during your career years. It will inform and guide you in the beginning of your studies and will help you to form habits and professional skills.


Career Services

The Professional Careers Service Career Services, conducts individual professional mentoring sessions with the aim of guiding the professional career and increasing the chances of job placement for university students.