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Admission for masters programs. Admission and financial aid. University of Navarra

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We are looking for bright students, professionals from all corners of the world, with leadership skills and a desire to improve society.


What does our admission process consist of?

Nested Applications


Admission deadlines

On October 1, the admission period for all Master's degrees at the University opens. As of that date, we evaluate applications as we receive them. As there is no deadline and since the number of places is limited, we advise you to apply for admission as soon as possible.


Admission criteria

Each master's degree evaluates the candidates based on specific criteria. We recommend that, before preparing your application for admission, you request information and speak with the person responsible for the admission of the master's degree. In this way, you will be able to better prepare your application and secure your place.


Admission process

To apply for admission, you first need to register with miUNAV. Once inside miUNAV, the future student can request admission and attach all the necessary documentation through the same form. The documentation to attach is the following:

    Certificate of undergraduate studies (original or certified copy).

    Curriculum vitae.

    Letter of recommendation, academic work, Certificate / English title, cover letter, or reasoned report (depending on the program, the requirement is indicated in the miUNAV Portal)

    1 passport-size photograph.

    Photocopy of DNI, NIE or passport (only valid for non-Spanish).

    Payment of € 100 for processing costs (Non-refundable). This payment can be made in two ways.

Credit / debit card through the miUNAV portal.

By bank transfer to the account indicated below. Proof of payment must be attached together with the rest of the documentation through the miUNAV Portal and it must include the full name of the applicant and the word "ADMISSION".

(Carlos III, 8 31002 Pamplona)
IBAN: ES92 21009161472200152057
Account number: 2100 9161 47 2200152057

The masters at the University of Navarra have their own admission process. Therefore, we recommend that you consult the website of the program of interest to obtain and prepare all the necessary documentation to apply for admission.

For example, in the Faculty of Law it is necessary to take a test for admission. On the website of the School of Law, the scheduled dates of the tests are published each year, as well as the content of the same, they last approximately 3 hours per student.

All applicants for all master's programs must conduct a personal interview with one of the members of the Master's Board of Directors.

For any questions, we recommend that you contact the person in charge of Admission of the master or with any of the delegates of the Admission Service.


The resolution of the application for admission may be known through miUNAV 


1. Admitted students must pay within a month from the notification of the resolution the first payment of the enrollment in the master they are going to take.

  • The amount, depending on the program, is € 1,000 or € 3,000 (this amount will only be refundable in the case of Spanish students who have not passed the degree and in the case of international students who do not obtain a visa).

  • After this period, the portal will allow you to register only if the program has places available.

  • Payment Methods:

  • By bank transfer to the account indicated below. Proof of payment must be attached together with the rest of the documentation through the miUNAV Portal and it must include the full name of the applicant and the text "First registration payment".

(Carlos III, 8 31002 Pamplona)
IBAN: ES92 21009161472200152057
Nº de cuenta: 2100 9161 47 2200152057

  • Tarjeta de crédito/débito a través del portal miUNAV.

2. Es requisito necesario para matricularse en un máster oficial disponer del título de grado o resguardo de haberlo solicitado. Desde el 15 de julio hasta el 15 de agosto será necesario formalizar la matrícula a través del portal miUNAV. No será posible formalizarla si no se dispone del título de grado o resguardo de haberlo solicitado.


Enrolment Guide

From 15th of July to the 16th of August. The enrollment application and all necessary documentation must be submitted via the myUNAV portal during this period. In addition, the enrollment application report must be printed and signed and a scanned copy sent by email to posgrado@unav.es.

If you have received a scholarship that will be paid out later, you must indicate when enrolling that you are paying the full registration fee using one of the payment methods (bank transfer, credit card, etc.) and write the amount of the scholarship and the entity awarding it in the Notes section. The registration fee not covered by the scholarship must be paid when the enrollment is submitted via the payment method indicated; the amount covered by the scholarship will be deferred until it is paid by the entity awarding it.

Students who have not undertaken their previous studies at the University of Navarra must submit the academic transcript (the original or a certified copy) of their studies and degree to the Office of the Registrar. This can be done during the month of September, once the master’s degree has started, or at any time during the academic year.

If any questions arise during the enrollment process, you can call (+34) 948 42 56 14, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. (except Saturdays), or email: posgrado@unav.es or masters@unav.es.

Enrollment is carried out on the Academic Information Portal. Students log in with their usual username and password and self-enroll with the guidance of the program. At Tecnun, the registration period begins on July 15.

To finalize registration, the program requires the payment form or forms to be specified, and they must add up to the total registration fee. If there any questions about the payment method, they can be entered in the Notes section, but in any case the payment method for the total registration fee must be specified.

When registration is finalized and the payment method is chosen, the program prints out a summary of the enrollment and its financial repercussions.

The following documentation must then be sent by email to posgrado@unav.es or by postal mail (to the University of Navarra). Office of the Registrar Central Building 31009 Pamplona, Spain:

  • A receipt for payment.

  • If applicable, a certificate of discount (e.g., University faculty and staff, large family).

We remind you that you can find all the information about the amount of the tuition as well as the discounts, scholarships, bonuses and payment methods on the scholarships and financial aid page.

You can make the deposit in any of the accounts of the University. You can use any of these:

Office: La Caixa /Caixabank
Account number: ES80 2100 2173 8602 0049 2749
Postal address: C/Carlos III, 8 - 31002 Pamplona (Navarra) - SPAIN
Beneficiary: Universidad de Navarra
Office: Banco Santander
Account number: ES40 0049 1821 0922 1065 7574
Postal address: Pza. del Castillo, 21 - 31001 Pamplona (Navarra) - SPAIN
Beneficiary: Universidad de Navarra
Office: Banco Popular
Account number: ES12 0075 4610 1106 0161 4196
Postal address: Pza. del Castillo, 39 - 31001 Pamplona (Navarra) - SPAIN
Beneficiary: Universidad de Navarra
Office: Caja Rural de Navarra
Account number: ES10 3008 0001 1525 8373 1928
Postal address: Pza. de los Fueros, 1 - 31003 Pamplona (Navarra) - SPAIN
Beneficiary: Universidad de Navarra