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National Students 2022/2023

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#MedUNAV considers students national if they will complete the 2nd Baccalaureate (or equivalent) in an academic center based in Spain, regardless of nationality.

Candidates can apply to the Degree in Medicine or the Degree in Medicine + International Program with an accredited a final grade from 1st Baccalaureate (or equivalent) equal to or greater than 7 points out of 10.

The application must be completed through the Portal miUNAV within the established deadlines.

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Admission Exam #MedUNAV

All students who wish to apply to the School of Medicine at the University of Navarra must complete their application for admission through the Portal miUNAV before April 25, 2022.

After completing the admission application, the student must take the entrance exam. The test aims to evaluate candidates for successful completion of the Degree in Medicine or the Degree in Medicine + International Program. 

The entrance test for the 2022/2023 course will be held online on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

The exam will only consist of an academic section and be multiple choice. The test will have a total of 150 questions for Biology, Chemistry and Physics and reading comprehension test.

Admission Sample Test (Spanish / PDF).

Admission Sample Test (English / PDF).

• Biology (Syllabus PDF): 50 questions (30%).

• Chemistry (Syllabus PDF): 50 questions (30%).

• Physics (Syllabus PDF): 50 questions (25%).

• Scientific article + 30 test questions (15%).

• 70% Final score from the University of Navarra’s School of Medicine admission exam.

• 30% GPA from the official subjects of 1st Baccalaureate (or equivalent), taking into account the subjects are certified by the center where the studies were completed.

•  In order to do the test, students will need the credential number they have received days before the exam via email with the test call details. 

• The test will take place in the afternoon. Candidates must be present in the Sciences Building at around 14.30 pm. The test will last approximately 3 hours. The exact time of the test will be announced by email to the candidates. The test time schedule will also be available in the Portal miUNAV

• The test is designed in such a manner that only small calculations will be necessary. It is strictly forbidden to use a calculator.

• Each question has five possible answers to select from.  

• Incorrect answers are not counted against you.

Admission Sample Test (Spanish / PDF).

Admission Sample Test (English / PDF).

• Biology (Syllabus PDF): 50 questions (35%).

• Chemistry (Syllabus PDF): 50 questions (35%).

• Physics (Syllabus PDF): 50 questions (30%).


• Webs Olympics of BiologyChemistry and Physics.

• Book: How to prepare for a multiple choice exam (M. BES-RASTROLLO; F.J. JIMENEZ-RUIZ), EUNSA 2009. ISBN 9788431326449.

Candidates applying to #MedUNAV can know their admission status through the Portal miUNAV.

One of the following admission decisions will be offered:

• Admitted - The students can finalize their enrollment through the miUNAV Portal for the term established and indicated, at the time, by the School of Medicine.

(*) During the period indicated by #MedUNAV, the candidate will have to complete all the required documentation and pay 5,500 euros for the first payment of tuition; this amount will be deducted from the final tuition amount and will only be returned in the case of not passing the university entrance exams, EvAU / EBAU.

• Conditional Admission (IB Students) - Candidates from the International Baccalaureate (IB) must submit their final score in July, which must meet the requirements established by the School of Medicine.

• Waiting list - The candidate must wait for the evolution of enrollments to receive the final admission decision. In these cases, the School of Medicine reserves the option of asking the student for additional academic information with which to reassess the application.

• Admitted in another Degree - The student is not admitted in the requested degree. The student is considered qualified to enroll in another degrees offered by the University of Navarra.

• Denied - The candidate has not been admitted to the requested degree nor is offered a second option.

• No show - The candidate did not show up for the admission exam - The application is automatically denied.

Denied candidates who would like a second consideration by the School of Medicine can make an “instance” in the Portal miUNAV ("Contact / Help" tab). The School of Medicine will review the request.