University of Navarra Model United Nations is a non-profit organization run by students and for students with the goal of delivering an annual MUN conference in which participants come together to discuss the current global issues in terms of diplomacy, economics, and social policy making while working under the United Nations protocols. As so, UNMUN works as a simmulation of the United Nations, following its rules and procedures and internal organization.

Our main objective is to promote dialogue and cultural empathy while raising awareness of current international affairs. We want to empower participants in order to let them know how one can really change the world, enhancing their critical thinking and capacity to express their concerns.

Each year since 2011 we welcome over 300 students of multiple nationalities and universities to this journey in our campus as we strive to reaffirm our commitment to education and leadership.


More about us

Paulina Briz  



Paulina is a fourth  year International Relations student at the University of Navarra and this year’s  Secretary General at UNMUN 2019.

For her, UNMUN is the perfect platform for young people to solve their concerns regarding international problems. She believes that people who participate in these types of activities, will become the voices of tomorrow, and not only excel in international arena but also become great leaders.

Paulina also believes that all the knowledge acquired at UNMUN, will allow delegates to apply them in their respective countries, and thus be able to create better living conditions and levels of development. 

Blake Bierman  



Blake Bierman is a fourth year International Relations student here at UNAV. He is from Miami, Florida and he is trully honored to be the Director of Chairs and Delegates for UNMUN 2019. This is his fourth year in the model and he is really excited to relay his experience to ensure quality discourse in every session. This year, he and the chairs are working hard to not only address the most pressing issues in the foreign policy, but to also challenge delegates to work together and develop impactful and sustainable resolutions. He looks forward to seeing your preparation and dedication in committee come March.

Maeve Gladin  



Maeve is a fourth year student of International Relations at the University of Navarra. This is her fifth year participating in UNMUN, having previously participated in and chairing Crisis Committee, Human Rights Council and ECOSOC. She loved getting to meet delegates from all over the world discussing major issues in international relations. This year, Maeve is Director of Chairs and Delegates. She looks forward to meeting even more people this year, and creating the best experience for delegates  and chairs.

Alejandro Puigrefagut  



Alejandro is studying the third year of International Relations at the University of Navarra and is in charge of the applications and international students of UNMUN.

Alejandro believes that UNMUN is a great opportunity for the development and improvement of students' abilities in terms of debate and oratory. In addition,  he thinks this practical activity is an essential tool to deal with global problems which future generations will have to face.

He thinks that UNMUN brings different points of view to the participants and, therefore, bets for the tolerance and open mind of the delegates. For him, participation in a model like this brings in itself a great contribution to current societies and aims to seek dialogue for coexistence.

Gabriela Fajardo  



Gabriela Fajardo is our coordinator of social media and second year student at the University of Navarra. She has participated in United Nation Models since she was 10 years old and prepared during her last years of high school younger students from her school to stand for the world they want to live in. Thus, for her, the United Nations model is the perfect source to learn from ourselves and from others, develop communication skills and understand complex problems to create solutions.

When debating and standing for the position of the country one represent, we are learning the dynamic of world politics and how the international actors shape the international relations.

She encourages everyone to make part of this unique experience, learn new skills and debate while making new friends, sharing moments and enjoying every discussion.

Andrea Ayestaran  



Andrea is an ISSA student at the University of Navarra. Previously she has participated as part of the protocol team in previous UNMUNs, which led her this year to be our manager of logistics in UNMUN 2019.

She thinks that UNMUN is the perfect opportunity to meet people from other universities and even other countries and that it is an experience that tests the skills of each of the participants, such as being able to speak in public or being able to negotiate with people even when you have very different positions on some topic.

Andrea loves to organize events, so she is very committed to the model events to assure the participants that they will have an unforgettable experience at this year’s model.




Ángel Navarrete is a fourth year student of Economics, Leadership and Governance and our Under Secretary General at UNMUN 2019, apart from being the Crisis coordinator.

For him, UNMUN is a key place where delegates can develop their debating, research, collaboration and presentation skills, at the same time as they learn how different countries position themselves regarding specific topics that may be useful for their future.

With this, Ángel believes that the knowledge and the experience, apart from the possibility of continuing working in this project for the following years, give each delegate an essential background for their future, even if diplomacy is not the field in which delegates want to dedicate their lifes.


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