University of Navarra Model United Nations is a non-profit organization run by students and for students with the goal of delivering an annual MUN conference in which participants come together to discuss the current global issues in terms of diplomacy, economics, and social policy making while working under the United Nations protocols. As so, UNMUN works as a simmulation of the United Nations, following its rules and procedures and internal organization.

Our main objective is to promote dialogue and cultural empathy while raising awareness of current international affairs. We want to empower participants in order to let them know how one can really change the world, enhancing their critical thinking and capacity to express their concerns.

Each year since 2011 we welcome over 300 students of multiple nationalities and universities to this journey in our campus as we strive to reaffirm our commitment to education and leadership.

We are all excited to meet you all, and we hope you will remember UNMUN as an amazing and rewarding experience! 


More about us

Ángel Navarrete  



Fifth year student of Economics, Leadership and Governance and our Secretary General, apart from being Crisis Coordinator.

After more than five international MUNs, for Ángel UNMUN represents a key place where delegates can further develop their debating, research, collaboration and presentation skills, at the same time as they learn how different countries position themselves regarding specific topics that may be useful for their future.

With this, he believes that the knowledge and experience, apart from the possibility of continuing working in this project for the following years, give each delegate an essential background for their future, even if diplomacy is not the exact field of study of every delegate.

Alexia Cosmello  



Alexia is a third year International Relations student and this year will be UNMUN’s coUnder Secretary General with Alex.

She has engaged herself in several MUNs, both locally and internationally, debating on a vast diversity of topics in different committees such as the Historical Legal Committee in WorldMUN 2019, or Human Rights Council in LIMUN 2018.

For her, UNMUN represents an opportunity to debate about topics that might or might not be familiar to delegates, giving them a great capacity of adaptability, theoretical and practical skills undoubtably useful for their careers and lives.

Alejandro Puigrefagut  



Alejandro is studying the fourth year of International Relations at the University of Navarra and is in charge of the applications and international students of UNMUN.

Alejandro, after participating in Harvard WorldMUN and several UNMUNS as delegate, chair, and member of the organizing committee, believes that UNMUN is a great opportunity for the development and improvement of students' abilities in terms of debate and oratory. In addition, he thinks this practical activity is an essential tool to deal with global problems which future generations will have to face.

He thinks that UNMUN brings different points of view to the participants and, therefore, bets for the tolerance and open mind of the delegates. For him, participation in a model like this brings in itself a great contribution to current societies and aims to seek dialogue for coexistence.

Carmen Ferrer  



Mamen is a third-year student of Economics, Leadership and Governance at the University of Navarra, head of partnerships and external relations, apart from being Crisis Coordinator.

She has been involved in MUN for the past three years, both National and International, both in crisis committees (participating and directing) but also in normal committees.

She believes that MUN is extremely important for developing vital skills such as negotiation, public speaking, and others. Moreover, she believes that all students should participate in these kind of conferences, to motivate themselves to be involved in the global world and not restrict themselves to their comfort zone. 

Génesis Monge  



Génesis is from Costa Rica, and she is a second-year student of the double degree in Law and International Relations. She has been involved in MUN since Middle School and has always been one of their biggest passions, not just as a delegate but also as a chair helping to make MUN an incredible experience for all the participants. She has been a delegate in numerous conferences but their main ones in Harvard and YALE MUN in 2015, and also as a director of WIPO in FERMUN 2016.

She believes that MUN is an activity that forms the future leaders and actors of the World, and that all the solutions that are exposed in a debate are going to be the ones of the future. 




Robert is from Girona and studies his forth year of Economics, Leadership and Governance.

He has participated actively in many MUNs around the world, but his most relevant experience is LIMUN 2018, where he learnt about interesting concepts relating United Nations and his potential power to make a difference in the goal of making the world a better place. Debating along delegates from Oxford University and other prestigiuos universities, Robert had the chance to improve his public speaking and strategies to work hand to hand with strangers.

MUNs are, for him, one of the bests ways he knows to develop abilities that cannot be taught in a classroom. 

Ana Zorrilla  



Ana is from Pamplona studying ISSA- Management Assistance. She has previously participated in UNMUN as a member of the protocol team.

What she loves the most about MUN is the chance it gives to meet new people from all around the world. For her, it is a way of combining both her career and passion for learning about other cultures and peoples.

Moreover, Ana believes that is a great opportunity for students to learn how to debate, talk in front of a public, be loyal to their ideas and principles and, finally, gain cultural and political knowledge. These skills are essential in our today world. 


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