Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

Sofia TrejoSofia Trejo Alonso

3º Bachelor in Business Administration

Spanish culture is as vibrant as it seems, which is why the Committee of UNICC’18 is more than excited to welcome you to this year’s edition. My name is Sofia Trejo,  and last year I represented the UNAV team in UNICC’17 and I can assure you, that UNICC is indeed a unique experience, which will leave memories for a lifetime. I am excited to meet you all and have a wonderful and fun experience.



Jesús EscauriazaJesús Escauriaza Escudero

3º Bachelor in Economics and Law

Welcome to UNICC’18! I took part two years ago as a runner and last year I belong to the Organizing Committee for the first time. This year I am its president and I’m looking forward to meeting you all in this unforgettable and unique experience! And as always: Be different, be UNICC.




José franJosé Fran García Lamuño

3º Bachelor in Business Administration

Hey everybody! Welcome to Spain, as my colleagues have mentioned Pamplona is a vibrant city, which coupled with the spanish culture and the activities we have planned, it will make you fall in love with our country. I will be in charge of the Tech Team and helping support other teams.




Eva SamperEva Samper Mateu

3º Bachelor in Business Administration

Welcome to Pamplona and to UNICC’18! I participated in UNICC last year as a delegate of the UNAV team. I hope you are ready to have fun, learn and make the most out of this amazing experience. We are waiting for you!! See you soon!




Alicia MuroAlicia Muro Elizalde

1º Bachelor in Business Administration

Hello everybody! My name is Alicia Muro and I study ADE Bilingual. This is my first year at the Unicc Committee and I am really excited to be a part of this incredible team! As a native of Pamplona, I invite you to visit during your free time, all the wonderful places that Pamplona has to offer. I hope you enjoy the University of Navarra and Pamplona.



Francisco JavierFrancisco Javier Moreno Canoa

2º Bachelor in Economics and Law

Welcome to UNICC’18!! I am really fortunate to be part of this amazing team of hardworking students that are preparing this stunning competition of UNICC. I am sure it will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience for all of us. Hope you enjoy it! See you in March!!




Francisco Javier LatasaFrancisco Javier Latasa Santana

1º Bachelor in Business Administration

Hey! Are you pumped?! What a great week you are gonna have....I dont know if you have ever come to Spain before, but believe me, you are gonna love it (not only for the party but also for our culture, and our historical buildings). My name is Javi Latasa and I will be available for whatever you may need.



Melinda BurtonMelinda Burton Gispert

2º Bachelor in Business Administration and Law

Are you all ready? Because I really am!! This is my second year at university and therefore my second UNICC experience. I just want you all to know that the organizing committee is working hard so that you have a wonderful week here in Spain. We hope you come with lots of energy and eager to learn and to have fun because.... UNICC’18 is waiting for you!!



Carlos AlonsoCarlos Alonso-Allende

2° Bachelor in Business Administration

Hi there!! I am currently studying my second year at the university but my first year in the Unicc Organization Committee.I have to say that we are working so hard in creating the most unbelievable experience in Spain!!.I hope that we are going to learn and also have fun together I can’t wait more!! See you soon UNICC’18 is about to start!!



Lulu McMillan

Lulu McMillan​

1º Economics, Leadership & Governance

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to the University of Navarra! I am a freshman at the University from the United States. This is my first year in the UNICC Committee. We have all been eagerly preparing for your arrival and your week in Spain. Thank you for your participation. I look forward to meeting all of ya’ll! Good luck!




Andrés CanoAndrés Cano

2º Economics, Leadership & Governance

Hello, I am Andrés and this is my second year at the Organizing Committee. I´ve heard a lot about you! I really hope to rise to the occasion and make UNICC ´18 even better than the ones before. Take for granted that all of us are going to give everything in order to make your experience exciting. Welcome to the University of Navarra, welcome to the thrilling UNICC ´18!