About the Journal

The Universidad de Navarra-International Journal of Medical Students (UNAV-JMS) is an online peer-reviewed open-access biomedical journal. The UNAV-JMS contains articles that have been specially commissioned for medical and medicine-related disciplines students worldwide. IJMS is intended to publish twice a year to share the scientific production and experiences from students with an interest in medicine and research. In addition, the UNAV-JMS promotes empowerment of medical students on research and publication topics by different strategies.

The UNAV-JMS publishing includes editorials, original research, case studies, brief reports, reviews and reflections that meet required standards that accredit the process of scientific publication, but publishes content that will be of particular appeal to a medical student readership. The UNAV-JMS provides a platform for medical students to publish their scientific articles.  

Peer-review is conducted by academics associated with medical schools and clinicians at teaching hospitals, given that we aim to support applied and clinical research publishing. The Editorial Board is formed by renowned physician/scientists from the most distinguished institutions with experience in research and the publication process, and physicians starting their careers as investigators. Moreover, we have the Support Committee of Public Relations and Communications which is the entity responsible for the diffusion of information on UNAV-JMS to medical students and physicians worldwide.