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  • Editorial

    The School of Medicine of the University of Navarra is pleased to announce the birth of a journal conceived to enable its students to communicate their works to the whole scientific community. Behind this simple statement of purpose lies a series of reasons and ideas that we would like to present so that you, the students, can better share with us the enthusiasm we feel about this new project.

  • Interview

    School of Medicine of the University of Navarra has just launched its new publication, the Journal for Medical Students. Dr Ana Patiño explains how this magazine will contribute to the research of the school and what can readers expect from it.

  • Final year project in medicine

    The final year project in medicine requires carrying out work in an area of medical interest under the guidance of a supervisor, who typically is a student's clinical tutor or a doctor involved in teaching in the medical school. The project is evaluated in terms of clinical competence, communication skills, and basic and clinical research aptitude, through a written dissertation and its public oral defence.

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