The Conference on Traffic and Granular Flow (TGF) brings together researchers from several fields (ranging from physics to computer science and engineering) to discuss about the latest developments in the science of a variety of flowing collective systems.

Originally conceived after the similar phenomenology found in a traffic and granular flow, the latest TGF conferences have swayed towards the field of pedestrian dynamics. In this edition, we will try to lure back members of the granular community, as the connections between these topics are attracting the attention of numerous research groups more than ever. At the same time, we will pay attention to emergent subjects such as self-propelled particles, data transport, swarm behavior, intercellular transport, and collective dynamics of biological systems.

The thirteenth edition of TGF will be held in Pamplona (Spain) from July 2nd to July 5th, 2019. These dates, just before the beginning of the San Fermín Festivals on July 6th, offer the unique opportunity of enjoying one the most famous parades in the World. More than one million people will attend the one-week celebrations, so the number of situations in which crowds gather together is plentiful; especially “the chupinazo” (see collective movements in 54:40) and “the running of the bulls”.

The hosting group, the Granular Lab in the University of Navarra, is preparing a series of activities, both during the meeting and the festivals, that aim to make this conference an everlasting memory for all participants.

The theme and the topics covered at the conference are:

  • Pedestrian detection and modeling

  • Evacuation dynamics

  • Self-propelled particles (microscopic and macroscopic)

  • Granular flow and dynamics of granular materials (dense flows, intermittent flows, bottleneck flows)

  • Collective motion in biological systems (swarm dynamics, molecular motors, social insects)

  • Highway and Intermodal urban traffic

  • Connected and Automated Vehicles

  • Complex networks and their dynamics (transportation networks, Internet, epidemics, social networks)

  • Intelligent traffic systems (ITS)

  • Internet of Things (IoT)


Early bird registration:
Before 28th February 2019

Ordinary registration:
From 1st March

2nd – 5th July 2019

Submission of full papers:
1st November 2019
Review of full papers: 
15th January 2020
Submission of reviewed full papers:
1st March 2020
Second review of full papers:
1st April 2020