Our concern? The future. We live in a dynamic and very fast paced, broad and intricate world. Globalization and open source technologies have collaborated to make it more interweaving than ever, and what we want is to understand it. Is evident that this is not a desire but a backbone necessity. At some point, the near future is progressively going to be more different than the present and everything we are doing today has a high impact in how the world is going to be shaped tomorrow. The singularity of this moment gives us the singularity of our theme. We want to share with the community these reflections from different angles and disciplines.

What to expect about the future of education, human relations, art, business, education, politics, society…? Where are we going?

TEDxUniversidaddeNavararra “The future. Click for being boosted” is a interdisciplinary reflection that looks to project the future from our current vision   and   potential.

We'll be expecting you!

TEDxUniversidaddeNavarra ’17 Team



1 abril, 2017


16:00 h.


Facultad de Comunicación