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Multifunctional coatings with photocatalytic and hydrophobic effect for environmental decontamination and protection against humidity in urban areas

Dr. J.I. Álvarez in Collaboration with L'Urederra

60,281 Gobierno de Navarra, PC065-066 RECURBAN




Optimization of new lime restoration mortars by the combined action of admixtures and pozzolanic materials Dr. J.I. Álvarez



Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

New photocatalytic materials for air pollution control and applications for the preservation of the Architectural Heritage of Navarre (PhotoN) Dr. J.I. Álvarez 28,000 Foundation Caja Navarra 2014-2015
Incorporation of new photocatalysts in construction mortars for environmental sustainability Dr. J.I. Álvarez 48,500  University Foundation of Navarra (FUNA). FUNA2013-15108402  2013-2016
Development and application of GeoSilex® as agent for atmospheric CO2 uptake in bio-sustainable construction systems Dr. J.I. Álvarez 40,000 Contract with Trenzametal S.L. 2010-2012
Use of chitosan ethers as rheology modifiers and toxic metals complexing agents in cement mortars Dr. J.I. Álvarez 24,000  University Foundation of Navarra (FUNA) 2010-2013
Natural resins as additives in cement matrices. Combined mechanical and microstructural modification with retaining effect of toxic metals  Dr. J.I. Álvarez 150,000 Contract with LURESA, La Unión Resinera Española, S.A. 2010-2013
New cement-chitosan composites: rheological characterization, physico-mechanical properties and retention of heavy metals Dr. J.I. Álvarez  278,300 Ministry of Education and Science. MAT2007-65478 2007-2010
Study of the application of natural resins as additives in cement and lime mortars. Evaluation of rheological and physico-mechanical properties: setting time changes and binding function  Dr. J.I. Álvarez 180,000  Contractwith LURESA, La Unión Resinera Española, S.A. 2007-2010
Nanoferroelectric materials for integrated devices. Methods of chemical tank low energy solutions and electric nanocharacterization Dra. L. Calzada, participating Dr. R. Sirera 170,000  Ministry of Education and Science. MAT2007-61409 2007-2010