Recovery & Resolution Plans​

Recovery & Resolution Plans

Recovery & Resolution Plans​

The last financial crisis and the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) have modified the too big to fail banking paradigm. During the recent financial crisis, institutions were bailed-out, causing severe problems for some countries and generating a sovereign crisis. Nowadays, the BRRD has established different resolution tools in order to minimize the use of public funds during financial turmoil.

Recovery Plans are the responsibility of the institution and they should identify a crisis in the institution through indicators in a timely-manner. They should also develop optimal governance and monitoring structures in order to implement on-time, effective and efficient measures to restore the viability of the financial institution.

Resolution Plans are elaborated by the resolution authorities. However, they should be tailored to the institution's circumstances and needs. Resolution authorities will determine the resolution strategy to be applied in institutions, considering the bank's financial and organizational structures and loss absorbing capacity.

The goal of the "Recovery & Resolution Plan" workshop is therefore to provide a forum of discussion among supervisors, regulators, financial institutions and academics.

This workshop is organized by the Master in Banking and Financial Regulation, Universidad de Navarra in collaboration with PwC.

You can check the schedule of the workshop here