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  • Eligibility

    The International Summer University is accessible to any student currently enrolled in their home university who is above the age of 18 and interested in spending their summer in a new and exciting way.

    Academic Grading Point Scale:
    Grades are based on a sclae of 0-10. The minimun required to pass a class is 5.

    Grades Grade Points
    A+ 10
    A 9
    B+ 8
    B 7
    B- 6
    C 5
    C- 4
    D+ 3
    D 2
    D- 1
    F 0


  • Costs

    Each of the portions of program varies in costs and credits. For detailed information please, check the website.

  • Credit system

    Students will be awarded with a certificate to obtain credits. Credits will be given in ECTS, European credits. Please consult your advisor in your home university to assure the transfer of ECTS (European credits) to your credit system.

    Each of the portions of program varies in costs and credits.For detailed information please, check the website.

  • Enrollment steps

    1. Fill out our online application

    2. Once you have received an email confirmation you will be asked to send by email a photocopy of your passport and a photograph (we kindly request that you send us a scanned copy of your Passport and a Passport sized photograph). If you are unsure about the type of picture required you can simply use one that has a white background and without any hats, glasses or anything else removable that would impede us from seeing your face properly

  • Pamplona

    The Universidad de Navarra has arranged for lodgings like a local. Students will have the opportunity to live in the city with their spanish neighbors in fully furnished apartments. All apartments are located within a 15 minute walking distance from the campus. Housing can be included in the registration fee. For further details, please contact us.

  • San Sebastián

    TECNUN has arranged for lodging special prices in Olarain, a modern, well equipped Student Residence conveniently located at a 10 minute walk to Tecnun and a 5 minute walk to the beach. For further details about housing please contact us.

Key dates

These key dates will be essential to help you keep in mind important:

  Winter Program
Session I
Winter Program
Session II
Summer Session
Summer Session
Landing Program
Program length December 9-23 January 11-February 5 May 23-July 29 May 25-June 25 August 16-26
Enrollment begins (Institutional Partners can submit their students' applications before this date for early registration) June 23 July 2 September 2 September 2 January 23
Early bird enrollment 
September 9 October 11 February 23 February 23 May 16
Application Deadlines November 20 December 11 May 8 May 8 July 31
Last Day to Apply for Full Refund of Course Fees - No refunds after November 27 December 18 May 15 May 15 August 7
Holidays (no class on these days) N/A January 20
(in San Sebastian)
January 28**
July 7**
July 25**
Grades Available 2 weeks after the end of the program 2 weeks after the end of the program 2 weeks after the end of the program 2 weeks after the end of the program 2 weeks after the end of the program


* Early bird enrollment does end however this discount price remains available for the students who are from partner universities.

** These dates are to be confirmed.

Get in touch with us

Universidad de Navarra
International Relations Office
31009 Pamplona

+34 948425600 ext.803387


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