Sherry Ing, Canada.

"This truly was an immersive cultural experience that I will never forget. I felt very connected and comfortable with asking for help or directions from locals and trust others when I needed help, such as when I needed help in finding a hostel to stay for the night in Estella, Navarra, Spain, when another hostel was full.  For two Sundays, when I am not studying, I walk part of the path of el Camino de Santiago, one of the pilgrimage path to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great."


Information from Ing's blog.


Sylvia Tippman, USA.

"ISU was a great opportunity for me to travel during the summer months and be able to expand my knowledge in Spanish language and culture. From pinxtos to siestas in the afternoon, Pamplona will always have a special place in my heart. The ISU directors were easy to talk to and gave great suggestions for what to do in Pamplona and the surrounding area. I learned the importance of communication and using charades can be acceptable if needed! My Spanish classes forced me to use the Spanish language and by the end of the 5 weeks my comprehension and confidence to speak Spanish improved immensely."


Jack Yin, Canada.

"I enjoyed the local people and their culture. I felt at home right away, aside from the language barrier. Everyone I met have been wonderfully friendly and helpful. I would definitely tell all my friends and classmates back home. I´ll be back for San Fermin!"

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