Our home town


One of our most valued cultural excursions is that of our home town, Pamplona. Pamplona is a hospitable and welcoming city with a wide range of leisure activities, shops and a fine dining tradition arising from the quality of Navarrese products. The city is located right in the heart of Navarre, so all of the region's charms are within easy reach. During the summer the city comes alive with Music, exhibitions and shows. Our city also has museums, three universities, historical heritage; a passion for sport, folklore and gastronomy. It is a green city that stands out above all for its human heritage. Pamplona has a great deal to offer and we would love to share that with our incoming students.

Out and about at ISU


  • Sports

    Varying each year, students will have the opportunity to enjoy all types of local sports such as Surfing, Jai Alai, Paddle and Kayaking.

  • Cultural activities

    Cultural activates range from visiting local castles like that of Olite and Javier to monastaries like Leyre. Visits to local museums as well as our own campus museum are always a popular choice.

  • Local cuisine

    As well as getting a chance to cook local cuisine in the agricultural museum of Casa Gurbindo and Wine tasting.

  • Weekend trips

    To add to student's experience, we also include long distance trips to Barcelona for a long weekend of fun and culture.

  • Museums

    Visits to local museums as well as Guggenheim in Bilbao or our own campus museum are always a popular choice.

  • This is ISU

    With all of these great activities, it's no wonder why visiting students have a great time with us at the International Summer University.

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