International trading and logistics

Engineers have to acquire further skills to carry out their tasks in an international operations context. International exchange of Consumer and Equipment Goods is steadily increasing and Engineers that are working for companies operating in these markets require the following knowledge and competencies:

  • Pros and cons of the companies internalization strategies

What is an international company? International distribution models for a new company. Internationalization stages for a company. Globope framework.

  • How does Human Resource Management need to be tackled when having different production sites or sales offices in different countries?

Challenges in international operations design: Sales and distribution offices, new production sites, production multi-plant redesign and supplier network redesign.

  • Problems to face in international logistics, procurement and distribution wise

Business Key processes in international operations management: New product launching and order fulfillment.

  • Sales plan in the international context

Lectures will focus on operations management

Companies that are selling in different countries, have to design and manage a higher complexity when purchasing, producing and distributing their products or services. This course will allow the assistants to understand the difficulties that companies need to face when starting up and developing new markets from an operations point of view, and the alternatives that could be applied for the operations global network, and product new launching and order fulfillment processes.

For the global operations network design, GLOBOPE (Global Operations) framework will be presented focusing on three main topics:

  • New production site starting up in a foreign country

  • Global Supplier network development

  • International production multisite configuration and management

For operations process management, GLOBOPE (Global Operations) framework will be presented focusing on how to handle new product launching and order fulfillment- XPS systems