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What we are about

The International Committee (IC) is a group of Spanish and International students from the University who work very hard to make sure all international students feel at home. As an extension of the International Relations Office is dedicated to helping you in whatever you need.

The IC members come from different schools and are open to help you out before your arrival to Pamplona, through the Buddy Program, and can help you with whatever you need while you are in Pamplona. The International Committee help the International Relations Office organizing different events and activities throughout the year for the international student whether social, cultural or intercultural nature.

International Committee members are a select group of Universidad de Navarra students. They are trained to help international students in all stages of your stay by participating in the following programs, as a way to help students to integrate into the university community.


“La Universidad de Navarra, el mejor lugar para aprender” ...the best place to learn!

The International Relations Office works very hard to make our campus and student experience more international. Over the past years, we have reached over 25 % of undergrad students who come from all around the world.

Our goal is to have an international campus through mutual understanding and respect from intercultural experiences. As everyone values from the experiences and traditions from others.

In collaboration with all campus staff, the International Office is working on the internationalization of the campus. By creating awareness of intercultural and international education, to help foster an international campus community, and help our students have a global impact in their near future.