One of the family

You might find our campus a little big and found yourself for instance in shock or out of place, but we are here to help you out, as no Universidad de Navarra student is alone.

There are so many ways to stayed engaged with campus life:


Social Media

Please follow us on Instagram at @UnavUnited for all the great activities and news the International office has to offered, and @Universidaddenavarra to see all the daily events that are programmed around the campus. Also, you can look up for the profile of your School too!

We also have a Facebook Group, where you can find new international students like you who are making plans, looking for new friends and given advice about Pamplona life.



The International Office weekly newsletter is a must! As you can find out as many activities on and off campus, also is a way to stayed connected to the office and be part on the many workshops they organize throughout the semester.


On Campus Events

“Vida Universitaria” is the university newspaper that you can find every monday morning in the entrance hall of each building. It a cultural event agenda of the main events happening around the campus. You can also visit their website for more events or even sing up your own event too.

Get in touch with us

Universidad de Navarra
International Relations Office
31009 Pamplona

+34 948425600 ext.803387


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