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This internship program aims to enhance your Spanish communication skills and give you a hands-on workplace experience. We offer internships in different fields, each designed to fit your academic and career goals. With this internship program, you can decide whether you would prefer to work full time, or part-time while also enrolling in classes at Universidad de Navarra. This internship can help you gain insight on how businesses function outside of your home country, resulting in international experience very important in today’s globally connected world.

Why should you do in internship abroad?

  • Strengthen your competency in the Spanish language

  • Gain firsthand experience in your field of study

  • Immerse yourself in Spanish culture

  • Develop academic and career goals

  • Gain insight on how businesses function in another country

Rachel A. Arp CMU_Spring 2018 from ILCE Universidad de Navarra on Vimeo.

“My time at the ILCE internship has been great. I’ve been able to use and practice my Spanish daily with native Spanish speakers, learn new vocabulary, and gain knowledge and experience on subjects that I didn’t know beforehand. Overall this has been a great experience because of all of the skills and knowledge that I have acquired during my time here, which I will undoubtedly be able to utilize in the future in the working world. My Spanish has improved immensely and the experience that I’ve gotten here has been priceless and irreplaceable."

Alex Towell, Central Michigan University, USA

“My time interning with ILCE was incredible. I was given the opportunity use my Spanish in a work environment, allowing me to enhance my fluency in the language and become much more comfortable talking to native Spanish speakers. I also gained work experience that can be transferred over to a career after graduation. Being a Spanish and International Business Major, this internship was very beneficial as it helped prepare me to work with people from different cultures, teaching me to be more open-minded to different ways of doing things. I would highly recommend interning abroad to any student who is even considering entering a career field with the potential to be working with people from other countries.”

Josh Ecker, Central Michigan University, USA

  • Requirements

    • Being an ILCE Study Abroad student

    • Proof of Spanish Language: B1 or higher

    • Motivation letter (including a brief description of the planned traineeship)

    • Transcript of records

    • Initial letter of acceptance from the host university

    • Current curriculum

  • Personalized Placements

    Once you have expressed interest in an internship, we will work with you to find the ideal placement that fulfills your academic and career goals. We have placed students with a wide variety of organizations and fields such as business, event management, language teaching, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, and media and communication.

  • Internship Credit

    Depending on the number of internship hours completed, you will receive a certain number of academic credits. The minimum number of hours required for each internship is 60-110 hours (for 3 ECTS), 110- 180 hours (for 6 ECTS), and 180+ hours (for 12 ECTS). See the syllabus for more information about the internship program and evaluation.

  • Application

    Students can register through the application form. Supporting documentation must be uploaded during your application:

    • Passport

    • ID Photo

    • Proof of Spanish Language: B1 (or higher) or Intermediate (according to ACTFL/American university standards)

    • Motivation letter (including a brief description of the planned traineeship)

    • Current resume

    Any questions regarding the application process may be sent to Programs Director Ms. Ares Miquel Ribes at:


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