Short Bio


Eduardo Negueruela Azarola, PhD

ILCE Research and Academic Director

Dr. Eduardo Negueruela Azarola has been the Director of ILCE since 2016. Born in Sao Paulo (Brazil), he grew up in Spain and studied a licenciatura in filología at Universidad de Valladolid (Spain). He completed graduate school in the US, obtaining his PhD in Spanish Applied Linguistics and Sociocultural Theory in 2003 from the Pennsylvania State University. He brings 18 years of experience in higher education in the US to Universidad de Navarra. Dr. Negueruela taught Spanish language, culture, and linguistics in the US for more than 15 years to both undergraduate and graduate students. He was also the director of the Spanish Language program at the University of Massachussetts Amherst for 3 years, and the director of the Spanish Language Program at the University of Miami for 10 years. He has supervised and mentor dozens of Spanish instructors, and several doctoral dissertations in the field of Applied Linguistics. His research focuses on Spanish Second Language Acquisition, Sociocultural Theory, Foreign Language Teaching Methodology, and Technology-Enhanced Language Learning.  In his research and publications, he proposes that second language learning/teaching is a conceptual transformative developmental process.