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     Programa del International Workshop


  • Viernes, 16 de febrero

    Aula 30. Edificio Central. Universidad de Navarra
    09.45 Opening
    10.00 First keynote lecture
    Cristina Soriano (Swiss Center for Affective Sciences & University of Geneva)
    Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of emotion, metaphor and identity
    11.00 Discussion
    11.30 Coffee break
    12.00 Second keynote lecture
    Elena Semino (Lancaster University)
    Metaphors, emotion and identities in online (health) care interactions
    13.00 Discussion
    16.00 Blitz presentations (15’) & discussion
    Inés Olza & Carla Reigada (Institute for Culture and Society)
    Metaphorical representations of Palliative Care in the Spanish press

    Sofía Brotóns (Institute for Culture and Society)
    Metaphor and self-knowledge in teenage narratives

    Adriana Gordejuela (Institute for Culture and Society)
    Spatial metaphors in film flashbacks: the past in front of the character


  • Sábado, 17 de febrero

    Aula M08, Edificio Amigosl. Universidad de Navarra
    10.00 Third keynote lecture
    Carmen Sancho Guinda (Technical University of Madrid)
    Under the lens of academic metaphor: Traversing modes, genres and expertise
    11.00 Discussion
    11.30 Coffe Break
    12.00 Data session
    Sarali Gintsburg (Institute for Culture and Society)
    ORFORCREA Project - Creativity in oral and transitional poetic texts

    Saqlain Hassan (Institute for Culture and Society)
    Under the burqa: representation of Muslim women in the British and Pakistani press
    13.30 Closing and farewell lunch



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