Workshop Social Bonds and Personal Identity


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Lugar: Aula ICS


  • Jueves, 25 de octubre

    A Philosophical explanation of the reciprocal relationship between bonds and identity
    15.30-17.00 Session 1:
    Ana Marta González (Universidad de Navarra): “Solidarity and social bonds: a Kantian perspective”
    17.00-17.15 Coffe Break
    17.15-18.45 Session 2:
    Luis Placencia (Universidad de Chile): “Social bonds and personal identity in Hegel's Phenomenology of mind”


  • Viernes, 26 de octubre

    A sociological explanation of Social bonds: linking social and personal identity
    09.30-11.00 Session 3:
    Margaret Archer: “Mediating between social structures and agency: internal conversation and
    personal identity”
    1100-11.30 Coffe Break
    11.30-12.45 Session 4:
    Pierpaolo Donati: “The relational subject: connecting personal and social identity”
    15.00-16.30 Session 5
    Pablo García Ruiz (Universidad de Zaragoza): “Re-lation, bondness and identity”
    16.30-16.45 Coffe Break
    16.45-18.15 Session 6
    Iain Wilkinson (University of Kent): “The Ongoing Humanitarian Revolution: Solidarities Reformed and in Flux”
    18.15-18.45 Discussion and Closing Remarks


    * Each session will begin with a presentation of the pre-circulated paper by the speaker (45 minutes max), followed by a 5- 10 minute critique by the assigned commentator. The remaining time will be dedicated to open and general discussion.





Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

FFI2015-67388-P (MINECO/FEDER, UE)


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