Staying and moving around Pamplona

The privileged location of the School of Sciences facilitates finding accommodation in multiple hotels, apartments and pensions located in the immediate blocks to the venue of the HMC 2019 within a 15-minute walk radius.

The closest ones can be found on the map. In addition, there exist a travel agency that collaborates with the University of Navarra  which is willing to assist you if you fill in the hotel booking form and send it to them at

The offer of restaurants, cafes and pubs is very extensive both in the surroundings of the venue of the Conference and in the historic center of Pamplona.

The registration in the HMC 2019 includes the coffees and meals of days 19, 20 and 21, as well as the guided tours, the visits, the gala dinner and the farewell cocktail. Accompanying persons should register for the social events and will be charged accordingly.

Urban bus: The venue is well connected with the town centre by bus lines 2, 4, 15 & 18, all of which stop at the main entrance of the adjacent Clínica Universidad de Navarra in the Avenue Pío XII, 36.

Staying and moving around Pamplona

Taxi services: if you require to take a taxi, we recommend calling +34 948 221212 or +34 948232300. Taxis cannot be stopped in the street: either call the switchboard or go to a stop.


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