Why Pamplona Is the Best City to Study In

This university city will win you over with its safety, accessibility, biodiversity and gastronomy.

When you’ve decided what university degree you want to study, it’s always a starting point for new questions, such as, “What kind of university can I go to?” and “Where can I study?” There are as many options as there are university degree programs, but we have no doubt about the best CITY to study in. That’s right. CITY is written in all caps because, after you’ve read this post, you’ll have no doubt that Pamplona is the best place to live your university experience. And why is that? 

Let’s start by highlighting the safety and accessibility this small city has to offer. With fewer than 200,000 inhabitants, the city of Pamplona combines the perfect conditions for living a tranquil life without giving up an agenda full of activities. With its many university residences and dorms for students from all over Spain and the world, Pamplona gives you the opportunity to meet up with the same people on a daily basis and also regularly meet new people. 

Pamplona se caracteriza por su seguridad y accesibilidad   Los universitarios podrán disfrutar de la biodiversidad de Navarra

Of course, you can’t talk about Pamplona without discussing its gastronomy. Have you tried our pintxos yet? Every year, Pamplona fills up with tourists who are eager to visit the Old Quarter and discover its bars. You know something is right when three essential requirements are met: it’s good, attractive and cheap. El Juevintxo is Pintxo Thursday, when bars offer a pintxo and a drink for €2. It’s the weekly temptation of every student.

Navarra is also known for its natural landscapes, quality of life, social welfare and environmental biodiversity. The tranquility of the mountains, the many villages filled with authentic charm, and the desert landscapes of the Bardenas Reales will fill your agenda with all sorts of different plans.

El campus de Pamplona concentra a estudiantes de todos los países y culturas.And, as always, we’ve saved the best for last: our Pamplona campus. The place where you’ll form the best memories of your university years. Its halls of residence, museum, walkways and sports center. There’s even a running circuit! Makes you want to come for a visit, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. You can enjoy it all with our Virtual Tour.

Pay attention because we’ll be adding more posts with everything you need to know to get ready for the experience of your life! And remember that you can manage your own admission process through the myUNAV portal

See you soon. Are you ready?