It’s Not All About Studying: Sign up for On-Campus Activities!

Take part in sports and cultural activities, learn a language and discover all the extras available at the University!

Having a clear idea of your priorities is often complicated once you start at the university. It’s true that the top priorities are your studies, maintaining a good GPA and steadily acquiring knowledge. 

But it’s not all about studying, is it? Your mind needs to work, but it also has to rest. And the great thing about the University of Navarra is that there’s an option for everyone

  • Do you like sports? Then you’ll have a hard time choosing just one of the activities at the sports center! Our sports activities include badminton, fitness, taekwondo, fencing, tennis, aikido, self-defense, kickboxing, archery, kendo, triathlon, padel, table tennis, softball, rowing, skiing, rock climbing and golf.

El polideportivo de la Universidad de Navarra cuenta con todas las instalaciones para poder practicar diversas actividades.   Los estudiantes de la Universidad de Navarra pueden apuntarse a diferentes grupos de teatro.
  • Artistic students! You can join the symphony orchestra, the university choir and the theater group. There’s room for everyone: people with experience and amateurs! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never participated in these activities before. The University is the best place to start. 

  • Are you familiar with the Sports Talent Program? The University of Navarra’s Sports Talent Program helps students take classes and also participate in sports competitions.

  • For art lovers, the Museum University of Navarra is the center of cultural life on campus. The permanent art collection is made up of works by renowned artists such as Picasso, Rothko, Tàpies, Palazuelo and Oteiza, and also includes an extensive collection of 19th and 20th century photography. 

  • Have you heard of Tantaka, our charity time bank? If you want to contribute your time, first-year students can start volunteering at different NGOs that rely on student solidarity. It’s an opportunity to help others in thousands of different ways. Different volunteer work is available, as well as a wide range of NGOs, so you can devote your time to the cause of your choice. I want to volunteer.

Tantaka es el banco de tiempo donde los universitarios pueden colaborar con distintas ONGs.

  • How well do you speak other languages? At the University’s Institute of Modern Languages, you can brush up on or start learning any language you want in coordination with your studies. Including English, German, Chinese and Russian. Discover all the courses on offer at our Institute of Modern Languages!

  • It’s important not to forget about your professional career. The University’s Career Services is here to help. You can access all the job offers and internships on the Career Services Jobs Portal while you’re a student and after you finish the degree program. Workshops and job fairs will also be held throughout the academic year to help you get started on shaping your professional profile.

Stay tuned because this is just a small part of all the activities the University has to offer! Every year, we organize dozens of lectures, sports and cultural events, trips, stays, excursions in the snow and much more. And you can form part of it all. Ready to sign up?