Discover Our Seven Campuses Around the World!

Seven campuses in different countries in the world with all the installations and facilities to get the most out your university experience.

When it comes to learning, your time at university can be different and memorable when you come into contact with people from different cultures, countries and places and share experiences each semester. Where? On our six international campuses! The University of Navarra has seven different campuses distributed around the world: in Pamplona, San Sebastián/Donostia, Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo, New York and Munich.

The University of Navarra’s first and main campus is in Pamplona, where most of our undergraduate and master’s degrees are taught. The Pamplona campus boasts more than 40 different varieties of trees, a running circuit and different paths connecting the more than 23 campus buildings. It also offers all the installations and facilities students need, such as dining halls, cafeterias and a sports center.

The campus is also home to the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) and the other research centers that make up the Pamplona biomedical campus. With more than 8,500 students from all over the world, the Pamplona campus offers you the opportunity to explore your surroundings, meet students from other Schools and make an invaluable contribution to your university experience.

Campus Pamplona   Campus San Sebastián

Engineering students go to the University of Navarra School of Engineering (TECNUN), which is located on the San Sebastián/Donostia campus. San Sebastián is the capital of Gipuzkoa Province in the Basque Country, a region that has long been known for its entrepreneurial spirit. A number of major companies in metallurgy, the automotive industry, the rail industry and industrial components currently operate in the region. 

And to top it off, campus students can walk to incredible Ondarreta Beach in only 20 minutes. We’re sure you’ll agree that being able to prepare your future as an engineering professional on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea is a real plus.

Our Madrid campus is for students pursuing a University of Navarra master’s degree. The Master’s Building and the Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Madrid are both located on the Madrid campus. Students in the Degree Program in Medicine must do a full academic year of clinical rotation either on the Pamplona or Madrid campus.

Campus Madrid   IESE

Are you familiar with IESE Business School? It’s the University of Navarra’s School of Management, which offers one of the best MBAs in the world! It has campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo, New York and Munich.

Interested in finding out more about our campus? We’re eager to share our knowledge with you! Don’t miss the Virtual Tour of the Pamplona and Madrid campuses and get started on your UNAV experience now!