International Program in Medicine

International Program in Medicine

To continue giving future medical graduates a world-class education, the International Program in Medicine was developed in 2013 by the School of Medicine at the Universidad de Navarra as a complement to the Medical Degree. This program educates students with a comprehensive global vision through its specialized coursework, the English language, and international clinical rotations.

If you want to study Medicine in Spain, the International Program in Medicine at the Universidad de Navarra gives you many benefits, such as:

• Nearly 50% of subjects in the First and Second years of the Medical Degree are taught in English.

• A global medical vision and experience through international clinical rotations with our partner university hospitals (restricted number of spots for the best students).

• Exclusive opportunities to work with international specialists in intensive workshops.

• Deeper medical reasoning and diagnostic skills through case-based teaching methodology.

• Up-to-date medical knowledge and research opportunities through access to international medical journals and databases.

In addition, First and Second-year students of the International Program are privileged to participate in the Summer Course, a faculty-led study tour to an international destination, as a week-long study abroad experience. This experience integrates both an intensive academy environment and also cultural learning experiences.

The International Program also helps students with self-evaluation relative to international standards.  For example, the School of Medicine has special permission to offer its students the International Foundations of Medicine exam (IFOM), organized by the US National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). The IFOM exam is aimed to give students a performance evaluation relative to USMLE Step 1. The USMLE score will determine if it is possible to access the residency matching program in the USA.

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The International Program offers two different types of courses that complement the Medical Degree:

• Compulsory Subjects: These are selected subjects from the foundational curriculum of the Medical Degree that are taught entirely in English.

• International Core Electives: Exclusive subjects taught entirely by specialized doctors from partner international universities. These electives are designed to be interactive and focus on teaching through clinical cases.

• Other Electives: These have been selected for a broader understanding of the world and include electives in Medicine, the social sciences and other languages besides, English.


To complete the program, students must attend and pass all compulsory subjects given in English corresponding to the year in which they are enrolled. Students who have completed these program requirements will receive mention in the European Diploma Supplement and a transcript denoting the subjects completed in English.


When applying to the School of Medicine through Portal miUNAV, choose: Medicine + International Program.

Please upload the English level certifications.

Admission Criteria:

Admission decisions are organized by the Admissions Committee, who base their decisions on the applicant's entrance examination scores and academic profile. Certification of English is a requirement for application.

When applying to the International Program, students must present one of the following English certifications:

• Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE): ≥180.
• TOEFL ibt Test:  95.
• IELTS:   7.

* No exceptions will be considered. 

We require students to have a B2 Spanish level before starting the academic year. If you do not have a B2, the Medical School can offer you a GAP / IFP Year at our Language School ILCE before starting the Degree in Medicine.

If you meet the requirements, you will start the Degree in Medicine + International Program after completing the GAP / IFP Year. 

For more information, please, contact via WhatsApp (+34) 606 21 68 80. 

The International Summer Course is an intensive one week elective for 1st and 2nd year students in the International Program. The goal of the program is to provide our med students with a global medical education and experience along with the opportunity to earn ECTS towards their degree. The course is taught in English by invited international professors from prestigious partner institutions. 

The School of Medicine selects a different location each year for the Summer Course. 

Past locations:

• 2019 | Imperial College London.

• 2018 | Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma.

• 2017 | Newcastle University. 

• 2016 | University of Edinburgh.

• 2015 | University College Dublin (UCD).

• 2014 | IESE Barcelona.