International Program

Structure and Acknowledgement


The International Program offers two different types of courses that complement the medical degree:

  • Compulsory Subjects: These are selected subjects from the foundational curriculum of the Medical Degree that are taught entirely in English.

  • Electives:
    · International Core Electives: Exclusive subjects taught entirely by specialized doctors from partner international universities. These electives are designed to be interactive and focus on teaching through clinical cases.

    · Other Electives: These have been selected for a broader understanding of the world and include electives in medicine, the social sciences and other languages besides English

COMPULSORY SUBJECTS (ENGLISH) - Available in this link.

ELECTIVES - Available in this link.




To complete the program, students must attend and pass all compulsory subjects given in English corresponding to the year in which they are enrolled. 

Students who have completed these program requirements will receive mention in the European Diploma Supplement and a transcript denoting the subjects completed in English.