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Programs for incoming students


The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition offers to its partner Institutions a variety of programs, specifically designed for international students. The main goal of these programs is to give the student an unforgettable experience.

  • Academic Program

    This program is specifically designed for the incoming international students, and it is composed of subjects from different areas taught in English. 

    No knowledge of Spanish language is required. 

  • Research Program

    This program gives the international students the opportunity of developing, during several months, and under the supervision of a tutor, a research project in a department of the School of Pharmacy

    No knowledge of Spanish language is required.

    Limited number of places

  • Rotations - Placements

    This program goal is to introduce the student into the professional reality. The School offers placements in some centres and institutions (hospitals, pharmacies, companies, etc.) to undergo their practical training.

    Knowledge of Spanish language is required to participate in this program.

    Limited number of places.

Also, in order to help the international students to have an easier adaptation, we have created a Buddy Program: a group of students that help international students to integrate into the University. 

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Dr. Maite Solas
Pharmacy Exchange Programs Coordinator

Contacto general:

+34 948 425600 x6648


Dr. Pedro González Muniesa
Nutrition Exchange Programs Coordinator

Contacto general:

+34 948 425600 x6650

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