International Nursing Program

      International Nursing Program
  • About the program

    This is a program designed to train nursing professionals with an international profile. The program consists of 60 ECTS taught in English amounting to 25% of the Degree and includes one month's work experience in the Schools partner institutions abroad. Successful completion of the program entitles the student to the diploma.

    The INP gives the students the opportunity to benefit from:

    • Classes taught in English by bilingual professionals with considerable experience on an international level.

    • Work experience abroad.

    • Training that will enable them to work with culturally and ethnically diverse people and communities.

  • Admission

    High School transcripts and the results of the entrance examination are taken into account.

    Students must produce evidence of English competence at B2 level or higher on the CFER at the moment that they do the registration process.

    The minimun record to access to the International Nursing Program will be, at least, 7 in the first year of high school. 

  • Terms Summer 2020

    For students of the 2nd year of the INP, is compulsory a 4 weeks traineeship abroad.

    • October 16 deadline for choosing destinations..Send the following documentation to

      • Personal information: name, surname, e-mail and telephone number

      • First year record

      • English certificate

      • Election of four universities in order of preference.

    • Each student will receive an email notification with their distribution.

    • November 1 deadline to submit acceptance document of place and responsibilities. 

  • Syllabus

    The program covers all four years of the Degree in Nursing. From the first year onwards, obligatory and optional courses in English are included in the curriculum, amounting to a total of 60 ECTS. Work experience abroad is organized during the summer vacations at the end of the second and third year.

    In order to obtain the certificate for the International Nursing Program, the students have to submit an official certificate showing that they have achieved C1 level of English (CAE or equivalent) before February of fourth year.

International Nursing Program


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