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International Research Elective (IRE)

International Research Elective (IRE)

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


International Research Elective (IRE)

The School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra offers an exciting opportunity for students to form part of a research group and improve basic research skills.

Participants serve as assistant researchers, gaining practical experience of projects. Students can apply for a specific project. Admission will depend on the project needs and availability.

Students will be assessed accordingly. Home institutions will specify supervision and assessment requirements if different. All assessment requirements should be provided by home institution in advance.

Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for an International Research Elective you must fulfill basic requirements. We would recommend that you ensure you are able to meet all of these requirements before applying.


Students must have sufficient level of English or Spanish to be able to work within the team. Language will depend on the project.

Students must present an updates cv with their application. Students will be interviewed prior to acceptance.

In order for the elective to be certified, all research placements must be organized in collaboration with the International office at your home institution. Students are regarded as exchange students and count towards the balance in the student exchange agreement signed with individual institutions.




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Esta asignatura optativa esta destinada a los alumnos de intercambio (Erasmus y otros países) que quieren indagar en los fundamentos de la investigación a través de la práctica. La asignatura permite al alumno participar como colaborador en un grupo de investigación y desarrollar competencias básicas de investigación a través del trabajo en equipo. 

Carácter: Optativa

ECTS: 12

Curso y semestre: 3º y 4º

Idioma: Español/English

Contenido: Observación sistemática y análisis de contextos/ Fundamentos de Investigación

Profesores: Adjudicación personalizada a IP