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February, 9-10, 2017   -    Room 01. Museum Universidad de Navarra



9.00 Opening remarks. Mónica Herrero, Dean of the School of Communication. Alberto N. García. Organizing Committee.

9.30 Keynote session 1: Steven Peacock (University of Hertfordshire): “Television Drama: an Aesthetic Understanding?”

10.45 Coffee Break

11.00 Panel 1: Is this Art? On Aesthetic Boundaries

·  “Experimenting with the Filmic Medium: Cinematic Art and TV Series” (Ariane Hudelet)

·  “The Art of Writing Television Series” (Lothar Mikos)

·  “The Aesthetics of Disgust. Contemporary Seriality and abjection” (Alberto N. García and María J. Ortiz)

Chair: Richard Kilborn (University of Stirling)

12.30 Panel 2: Landscape I: Symbolism

·  “The Meaning of the Antiheroic and Barbaric Landscape in Game of Thrones (HBO, 2011-): the Impossible Represented” (Gutiérrez and Diego)

·  “Fargo: Expressive Potentialities of Landscape” (Pablo Echart and María Noguera)

·  “Fashion & History : the example of the French World War 2 drama Un Village français (France 3, 2009-2017)” (Marjolaine Boutet)

Chair: Fernando Canet (Universitat Politècnica de València)

14.00 Lunch.

15.30 Keynote session 2. Guglielmo Pescatore and Paola Bembrilla (Università di Bologna): “Comics TV Rises. Practices and Aesthetics, Shifting from Paper to Television”

16.45 Coffee Break

17.00 Panel 3:  Music, Paintings, Gastronomy

·  “Serial Jewelry. The Role of Pop Songs in the Opening Titles of Quality Television Series” (Daniela Cardini)

·  “What makes Today’s TV Series so Different, so Appealing?” (María de Lourdes López Gutiérrez)

·  “Nourishment for the Eyes. The Representation of Food in Quality TV Series” (Emanuele Licitra)

Chair: Pablo Echart (Universidad de Navarra)

18.30 Visit to the Museum Universidad de Navarra

19.30 TV-Series Premiere: Legion (the new FX series by Noah Hawley, Fargo’s executive producer)

20.30 Dinner. Restaurante Huarte.



9.00 Keynote session 3: Jason Jacobs (University of Queensland): “The Authority of Eloquence”.

10.15 Panel 4: TV as an artistic meta-discourse

·   “Art in Miami Vice: ‘The Lost Madonna’” (Paul Davies)

·   “A piece of TV or a Pretentious Art Film? Influences of Art in Hannibal” (Marta Kaprzyk)

·   “Mad Men, Admen and Art” (Richard Kilborn and Steve Chinn)

Chair: Pablo Castrillo (Universidad de Navarra)

11.45 Coffee Break

12.00 Panel 5: Landscape II: Suspicion and dystopia

·   “Brave New City: The World-Making of Black Mirror” (Øyvind Vågnes)

·   “Castles and Labyrinths: the Aesthetics of Power and Surveillance in the Post-9/11 Political Thriller Iconography” (Pablo Castrillo)

·   “Serial Pinboarding as Artistic and Narrative Practice” (Anne Ganzert)

Chair: Héctor J. Pérez (Universitat Politècnica de València)

13.30 Lunch

15.00 Keynote session 4. Eduardo Carrero (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona): “From the Middle Ages to the Middle Earth”.

16.15 Coffee Break

16.30 Panel 6: Peripheral visions / Horror and Art

·   “Connotative Dimensions of the Japanese Folklore in a Family Story: Hirokazu Koreeda’s Going My Home” (Miguel Muñoz Garnica)

·   “Subverting the Narrative Conventions in Brazilian Television: the Miniseries Capitu” (Larissa Estevam Christoforo)

·   “Mimesis and Diegesis in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal” (Raquel Crisóstomo)

·   “Horror Sensorium, Production Design, and Cinematography in American Horror Story” (Patricia Trapero Llobera and Nuria Vidal Trapero)

Chair: Alberto N. García (Universidad de Navarra)

20.30 TV-Series Thematic Dinner and show cooking (Hotel Tres Reyes)