Incoming Students

Internationalisation is one of the most important goals of the School of Sciences. The School has established collaboration agreements with High Education Institutions, not only in Europe but all over the world.

The School of Sciences offers to the incoming students the possibility of choosing among a  variety of programs, specifically designed for them.


Incoming students can select among all the research projects offered by the School if they have a B2 English or Spanish level.

How to apply:
Incoming students must be nominated by their home institutions by sending the following documents to:

· Application Form

· Learning Agreement

· Research project basic information

· Proof of Medical Insurance

· 2 passport sized pictures

· Copy of passport or ID document

Once the documents are received, the academic coordinator assigns to the student a research project to do the stay. The students must wait for the official acceptance, since it is possible that they can not be received in the selected projects.

Incoming students can select among all the subjects offered by the School if they have a B1 Spanish level. For those students who have not the required level, the School offers a list of subjects taught in English.


The School of Sciences offers four different degrees:

· Biology
· Biochemistry
· Chemistry
· Environmental Sciences


Contact persons

Academic Coordinators

Prof. Dr. David Galicia:

Prof. Dr. Ujué Moreno:

Prof. Dr. José Ignacio Álvarez:

Administrative Coordinator:
Ms. Ainhoa Ruiz de Erenchun:  



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