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Wed October 7th 2015: Joaquín Artés Caselles (Universidad Complutense de Madrid): "The Effects of Revealed Corruption on Local Finances"

Mon October 19th 2015: Sara R. Machado (Boston University): "Is it worth it? On the effects of subsidizing blood donations" 

Osea Giuntella (University of Oxford): "If You Don't Snooze You Lose Health and Gain Weight: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design"

Wed November 4th 2015: Niclas Berggren (IFN, Universidad de Praga). "Does being religious make you sick? New causal evidence from across Europe".



Wed September 2nd 2014: Hans Pitlik (WIFO, Austrian Economic Institute):  "Locus of Control and Individual Support for Government Interventionism".

Tue September 16th 2014: Álvaro Lleó (IECO): "Increasing Subordinates´ Affective Commitment through Managerial Trustworthiness"– Job market seminar.

Wed September 24th 2014: Matthias Hühn (Kühne Logistics University) : "Adam Smith's Economics" – Job market seminar.

Mon September 29th 2014: Marcos Fernández Gutiérrez (Universidad de Cantabria): "The Impact of Socio-Economic Background on Satisfaction: Evidence for policy-makers".

Wed October 8th 2014: Amaya Erro (Universidad Pública de Navarra): "Determinants of Ticket Prices in Spanish Cinemas".

Wed October 15th 2014: Therese Nilsson (Lund University): "Life-Expectancy and Mother-Baby Interventions: Evidence from a Historical Trial?"

Wed November 19th 2014: Francesca Franco (London Business School): "Matching Premiums in the Executive Labor Market".

Wed November 26th 2014: Adrián Caldart (IESE): "Colaboración horizontal entre unidades de negocio: un enfoque de dinámica de sistemas".

Thu November 27th 2014: María Asunción Fernández Seara (CIMA, Universidad de Navarra): "The trade-off between probability and time in economic decision-making: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study" – Job market seminar.

Wed December 10th 2014: Peter Berling (Lund University): "Multi echelon inventory control for improved sustainability".

Tue January 27th 2015: Enrique Chamas (Universidad de Navarra): "The impact of Internet on business models in Emerging Markets".

Wed March 11th 2015: Alexander Plekhanov (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development): "Choosing Trade Partners: Does Corruption Matter?".

Wed March 18th 2015: Pablo Branas-Garza (Middlesex University): "Ethnic polarization, gender roles and punishment in public good games".

Wed April 29th 2015: José Antonio Alfaro (Universidad de Navarra): "Innovation decision in business environment".

Wed May 6th  2015: Andrea Pérez Ruiz (Universidad de Cantabria): "Customer Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perceptions: The Hierarchy of Effects Approach and The Role of Customer Personal Traits".

Wed May 20th 2015: Marta Escapa García (Universidad del País Vasco): "From shadow to green: Linking environmental fiscal reforms and the informal economy".

Wed May 27th 2015: Helena Schweiger (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development): "Are science cities fostering innovation? Evidence from Russia's regions".


Course 2013-2014

30th October 2013: Javier Asensio (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): "Supermarket Prices and Competition: an Empirical Analysis of Urban Local Markets".

30th October 2013: Irem Tuna (London Business School): "Corporate Governance and the Efficiency of the Internal Capital Markets".

27th November de 2013: Christian Bjornskov (Aarhus University): "Do Social Rights Affect Social Outcomes?".

16th December de 2013: Gabriela Flores (University of Texas at El Paso): "Culture and Social Exchange in Open Innovation Relationships".

29th January 2014: Katarzyna Bachnik (Warsaw School of Economics): "Corporate Social Responsibility Fueled by Crowdsourcing: why Polish Enterprises do not Leverage this Social Tool?".

26th February 2014: Ricard Gil (Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University): "Using Revenue Sharing to Implement Flexible Prices: Evidence from Movie Exhibition Contracts".

6th March 2014: Lidia Sánchez-Ruiz (Universidad de Cantabria): "Implementation of Control and Continuous Improvement Techniques in Business Process".

27th March 2014: Peter Davis (Compass Lexecon): "Price-Concentration Analysis: a Hospital Case".

9th April 2014: Juan S. Mora-Sanguinetti (Banco de España): "Entrepreneurship and Enforcement Institutions: Disaggregated Evidence for Spain".

30th April 2014: Austin Lee Nichols (Universidad de Navarra): "Gender Differences in Decision-Making: The Effect of Group Role".

9th May 2014: Andreas Bergh (Lund University and IFN): "What are the Policy Lessons from Sweden? On the Rise, Fall and Revival of a Capitalist Welfare State".

22nd May 2014: Mónica Recalde (Universidad de Navarra): "Relational Corporation: a case of Spanish Telecom Industry".

23rd June 2014: Spiros Gounaris (University of Strathclyde): "Servicescapes: Marketing the Atmospherics to the Consumer".