International Competitions

The university is invited to different international case competitions throughout the year.  The best members  of the club are chosen to be part of the UNAV team representing the university.  International case competition are exclusive for students who have completed the ICCT or BCA.



Two online trials are held throughout the year to choose the students for the UNAV team. The Summer Trial is done during June - July to select the students for the international case competitions in the first semester. Then, the Autumn trial is held in october to chose students for the international case competitions in the second semester.


International Case Competitions 2017 - 2018

University of Münster Case Challenge - Germany (19 - 22 October)  (link)

The University of Münster Case Club welcomes the world to a case competition that will identify those who can meet urgent business challenges with innovative ideas, courageous decisions and visionary strategies.


Australian Undergraduate Business Case Competition - Australia  (26 Nov - 2 Dec) (link)

AUBCC is an annual international consulting case competition, offering the brightest undergraduate university students from​ across the world the unique opportunity to propose innovative solutions to real business problems faced by Australian companies.  The teams will participate in high intensity business case analysis, work-shopping and presentation delivery, culminating in a champion team announcement on the final day.


John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition - Canada (18 - 25 feb) (link)

JMUCC is an annual, multi-round case competition, organized by a committee of students from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. The week-long event takes place in the heart of downtown Montreal, and challenges twenty-four international teams from renowned business schools. Demanding and dynamic cases mixed with unique social events inspired by the city itself make JMUCC a one-of-a-kind case competition that allows students to put their creative and analytical skills to the test.


University of Navarra International Case Competition  (March) (link)

The University of Navarra International Case Competition is an annual event hosted by the School of Economics and Business and organized by our students. This sixth edition of UNICC will bring together teams from some of the world's finest undergraduate business schools. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy an enriching academic, social and cultural experience, strengthening their skills for the future.