The club together with the faculty offers a broad range of training resources in order to provide students with the necessary knowledge to solve a case and compete in competitions.

Informal Training Sessions: In these group sessions students are introduced for the first time to the case method, where they will be taught new tools and frameworks to solve cases as well as have the opportunity to showcase their solutions to the rest of the group. The training sessions take place during the year and all club members are invited to come.

International Case Competition Training (ICCT): After going through the informal training sessions, students will have the opportunity to apply for this intensive training programme. Students will practice and learn in a more formal and selective environment skills of case reading, analysis, structuring, and presentation.They will be given a number of short and long cases to solve as individuals and in groups. The programme takes place during the first semester and is led by a member of faculty.

Business Case Analysis (BCA): BCA is an elective students can take for credit during the second semester to complement their previous training. The objective of this course is to provide the student with a thorough understanding of how to analyze business cases, and how to effectively present their analysis. Emphasis will be placed on oral presentation of case analysis and recommendations. Students will participate in a time-limited case preparation and presentation format.

Apart from the educational activities members of the club are an essential part in running and helping case competitions organized in the faculty:

The roles students can take in the organization and running of UNICC, Case Competition Día del Patrón and Junior Case competition are:

Runners: one of the most fun roles and the one everyone begins with, consists of “running” around delivering materials, making sure everything goes on smoothly.

Timers: timers’ precision is essential in order to assure that we have a fair competition and everything is going as scheduled.

Ambassadors: In the case of UNICC, ambassadors are the club representatives for international teams, helping and cheering for them during the whole week

Organizing Committee: students in the committee will be in charge of working closely with the faculty, organizing and planning all the details to make sure everyone has a great time.