Asignaturas para Incomings tit

Asignaturas para Incomings

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Asignaturas en inglés y español- incomigs

Asignaturas en inglés

School of Economics and Business



Fall Semester

Spring Semester


Business Communication I (6 ECTS)

E-Commerce (6 ECTS)

Entrepreneurship (3 ECTS)

Marketing I (6 ECTS)

Project Management (6 ECTS)

Quality Management (6 ECTS)

Strategic Management (6 ECTS)

Strategic Marketing Management (3 ECTS) *







Brand Leadership (3 ECTS)

Business Case Analysis (6 ECTS)

Business Policy (6 ECTS)

Corporate governance (6 ECTS)

Family Business Management (6 ECTS)

Human Resources (6 ECTS)

Luxury brands: innovation and management (3 ECTS)

Marketing II (6 ECTS)

Negotiation (3 ECTS)

Operations Management (6 ECTS)  

Principles of Business Administration (6 ECTS)

Sustainability (6 ECTS)

Strategic marketing management* (3 ECTS)


European Financial Institutions (3 ECTS)

Financial Statement Analysis (6 ECTS)

Firms' Valuation Methods (6 ECTS)

Investments in Financial Markets (6 ECTS)




Entrepreneurial finance: mergers and acquisitions (3 ECTS)

Financial Accounting II (6 ECTS)

Financial Accounting III (6 ECTS)

Financial Derivatives (6 ECTS)

International Finance (6 ECTS)

Money, Banking, and Digital Finance (6 ECTS)


Econometrics I (6 ECTS)

Economics & Psychology (6 ECTS)

Industrial Organization (6 ECTS) 

International Trade (6 ECTS)

Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy (6 ECTS)

Probability and Statistics I (6 ECTS)

Global Political Economy (6 ECTS)

Microeconomics: Theory and Policy (6 ECTS)

Probability and Statistics II (6 ECTS)

Time Series (6 ECTS)




Other disciplines

Anthropology (6 ECTS)

Ethics (6 ECTS)





Business Ethics (3 ECTS)

International Legal Foundations (4,5 ECTS)

Machine Learning (6 ECTS) **

Sociology for the 21st Century (4,5 ECTS)

Business Ethics (3 ECTS)

Compared Political Systems (4,5 ECTS)

European institutions (3 ECTS)

International organizations (3 ECTS)

Outside of the School of Economics and Business

Courses available


*These courses are concentrated during part of the semester
**This course is taught in both English and Spanish

Asignaturas en español

Los alumnos de intercambio nativos o que tengan el nivel recomendado de B2 en español pueden estudiar en español en los siguientes campos: