International Seminar "Web Design"




1. Online presence and Fundamentals of digital communication. Goals and types of online presence. Specific features of digital communication.

2. Multimedia language. The convergence of text, image, video, audio and animation into digital channels. 

3. Interactivity. Concept, types and levels of interactivity. 

4. Hypertext and Information architecture. Concept, nodes and links, web navigation and sitemap´s depiction.

5. Social Media Marketing: different netwoks, facts, features, uses.

6. Transmedia Storytelling: Transmedia as multichannel and multiplatform. Storytelling in marketing.Transmedia Storytelling concept and examples. 

7. Digital tools for the projects. Content edition, IA design, prototyping, CMS for websites, blogs, wikis and portfolios. (Not included in the project: CRM, eCommerce, Blogs, Landing page, eMailing campaigns, TPVs and Analytics).

8. Online Project Development. Projects proposal. Working in multidisciplinary teams. Agile methodology. Online Projects Definition Sheet. 

9. Online graphic design trends. Usability and Conversion. Patterns, grids, look and feel, legibility, interface interaction. Responsive and mobile first. Trends in websites related to Architecture (corporate, architectural project sites, portfolio, BTB, promotion…)

10. UX Experience Design: User Centered Design. User research (quantitative and qualitative). User tests

11. Online marketing I: SEO/ASO, SEM, SMM

12. Online marketing II: eMail Marketing, Content Marketing and Inbound, Paid Marketing.



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