Grupo Principios matemáticos

Publicaciones Año 2020

  • Besne, Guillermo M.; Alegre, Manuel; Podhorski, Adam; Diez, Nieves. Validity evidence of SIMUL-Eye: eye movement and pupillary reflex simulator. ACTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA

Publicaciones Año 2019

  • Etxezarreta Martinez, Josu; Crespo, Pedro M.; Garcia-Frias, J. Depolarizing channel mismatch and estimation protocols for quantum turbo codes. ENTROPY

  • Goiuri Peralta; Cid-Fuentes, R.; Bilbao, J. ; Crespo, Pedro M. Homomorphic encryption and network coding in IoT architectures: Advantages and future challenges. ELECTRONICS

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Villar-Rosety, Fernando M.; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Insausti, Xabier. A Low-Complexity Analog Linear Coding Scheme for Transmitting Asymptotically WSS AR Sources. IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS

  • Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Insausti, Xabier. A Low-Complexity and Asymptotically Optimal Coding Strategy for Gaussian Vector Sources. ENTROPY

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus. A modified version of the Pisarenko method to estimate the power spectral density of any asymptotically wide sense stationary vector process. APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION

  • Granada, Imanol; Crespo, Pedro M.; Garcia-Frias, Javier Asymptotic. BER EXIT chart analysis for high rate codes based on the parallel concatenation of analog RCM and digital LDGM codes. EURASIP JOURNAL ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING

  • Granada, Imanol; Crespo, Pedro M.; Garcia-Frias, Javier. Combining the Burrows-Wheeler Transform and RCM-LDGM Codes for the Transmission of Sources with Memory at High Spectral Efficiencies

  • Peralta, Goiuri; Garrido, Pablo; Bilbao, Josu; Aguero, Ramon; Crespo, Pedro M. On the Combination of Multi-Cloud and Network Coding for Cost-Efficient Storage in Industrial Applications. SENSORS

  • Etxezarreta Martinez, Josu; Crespo, Pedro M.; Garcia-Frias, Javier. On the Performance of Interleavers for Quantum Turbo Codes. ENTROPY

  • Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Insausti, Xabier; Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus. On the topology design of large wireless sensor networks for distributed consensus with low power consumption. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DISTRIBUTED SENSOR NETWORKS

  • Insausti, Xabier; Saez, Aitziber; Crespo, Pedro M. A novel scheme inspired by the compute-and-forward relaying strategy for the multiple access relay channel. WIRELESS NETWORKS

Publicaciones Año 2018

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Insausti, Xabier. Analysis of Known Linear Distributed Average Consensus Algorithms on Cycles and Paths. SENSORS

  • Santamaria, Ignacio; Crespo, Pedro M.; Lameiro, Christian; Schreier, Peter J. Information-Theoretic Analysis of a Family of Improper Discrete Constellations. ENTROPY

  • Insausti, Xabier; Crespo, Pedro M.; Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta. Low-Complexity Analog Linear Coding Scheme. IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Crespo, Pedro M.; Insausti, Xabier. Rate Distortion Function of Gaussian Asymptotically WSS Vector Processes. ENTROPY

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Villar-Rosety, Fernando M.; Insausti, Xabier. Rate-Distortion Function Upper Bounds for Gaussian Vectors and Their Applications in Coding AR Sources. ENTROPY

  • Ma, Yuanyuan; Hogstad, Bjorn Olav; Patzold, Matthias; Crespo, Pedro M. Statistical Modeling, Simulation, and Experimental Verification of Wideband Indoor Mobile Radio Channels. WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS & MOBILE COMPUTING

Publicaciones Año 2017

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Crespo, Pedro M.; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Hogstad, Bjorn Olav. Asymptotically Equivalent Sequences of Matrices and Capacity of a Discrete-Time Gaussian MIMO Channel With Memory. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY

  • Insausti, Xabier; Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Crespo, Pedro M. In-Network Computation of the Optimal Weighting Matrix for Distributed Consensus on Wireless Sensor Networks. SENSORS

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Insausti, Xabier; Hogstad, Bjorn O. On the Complexity Reduction of Coding WSS Vector Processes by Using a Sequence of Block Circulant Matrices. ENTROPY

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta; Insausti, Xabier. Upper Bounds for the Rate Distortion Function of Finite-Length Data Blocks of Gaussian WSS Sources. ENTROPY

Publicaciones Año 2016

  • Solas, Gonzalo; Mendizabal, Jaizki; Valdivia, Leonardo; Anorga, Javier; Adin, Inigo; Podhorski, Adam; Pinte, Stanislas; Marcos, Luis Gerardo; Ma Gonzalez, Jesus; Cosin, Francisco. Development of an advanced laboratory for ETCS applications. TRANSPORT RESEARCH ARENA TRA2016

  • Arenas, Mikel; Podhorski, Adam; Arrizabalaga, Saioa; Goya, Jon; Sedano, Beatriz; Mendizabal, Jaizki. Implementation and validation of an Angle of Arrival (AoA) determination system for real-time on-board train positioning . TRANSPORT RESEARCH ARENA TRA2016

  • Bilbao, Josu; Crespo, Pedro M.; Armendariz, Igor; Medard, Muriel. Network Coding in the Link Layer for Reliable Narrowband Powerline Communications. IEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONS

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta. Orthogonal diagonalization for complex skew-persymmetric anti-tridiagonal Hankel matrices. SPECIAL MATRICES

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus; Zarraga-Rodriguez, Marta. Singular value decomposition for bidiagonal filter matrices. APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION

Publicaciones Año 2015

  • Insausti, Xabier; Saez, Aitziber; Crespo, Pedro M. A practical low-complexity coding scheme for the Multiple Access Channel inspired by the Compute-and-Forward Strategy. 2015 IEEE 81ST VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE (VTC SPRING)

  • Alustiza, Iker; Crespo, Pedro M.; Beferull-Lozano, Baltasar. Analog Multiple Description Joint Source-Channel Coding Based on Lattice Scaling. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING

  • Alustiza, Iker; Hernaez, Mikel; Crespo, Pedro. Design of a new scheme for multi-hop wireless networks using decode-and-forward strategy. EURASIP JOURNAL ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING

  • Bilbao, Josu; Armendariz, Igor; Crespo, Pedro M. Network Coding based mechanism to provide reliable multimedia content distribution in harsh environments. 2015 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON BROADBAND MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS AND BROADCASTING (BMSB)

  • Saez, Aitziber; Alustiza, Iker; Crespo, Pedro M.; Insausti, Xabier. On the suitability of ML decoding in Analog Multiple Description Schemes. 2015 IEEE 16th International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC)

  • Solas, G.; Valdivia, L. J.; Anorga, J.; Podhorski, A.; Mendizabal, J.; Pinte, S.; Marcos, L. Virtual Laboratory for on-board ETCS equipment. 2015 IEEE 18TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS

Publicaciones Año 2014

  • Saez, Aitziber; Insausti, Xabier; Crespo, Pedro M. A practical implementation of Computation Codes for computing sums. 2014 IEEE 25TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PERSONAL, INDOOR, AND MOBILE RADIO COMMUNICATION (PIMRC)

  • Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Jesus. Eigenvalue decomposition for persymmetric Hankel matrices with at most three non-zero anti-diagonals. APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION

  • Bilbao, Josu; Calvo, Aitor; Armendariz, Igor; Crespo, Pedro M.; Medard, Muriel. Reliable Communications with Network Coding in Narrowband Powerline Channel. 2014 18TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON POWER LINE COMMUNICATIONS AND ITS APPLICATIONS (ISPLC)