Reproducción sexual en animales

 -Rafael Jordana  -Luis Herrera

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The present article is an explication for wide scale publication, of the process of reproduction in the animal world -from the protazoas to the mammals.
The similarity of reproduction in the zoological world is manifested to the reader. Essentially, the basic and intimate mechanism of the reproductive process is the same in all animals. It only varies accidentally as a response to the adaptation to distinct modes of life. The principal moment of the reproductive process is the appearance of the new individual, in the form of a zygote or egg, which is formed by the union of the gametes. From the first moment, it has its own genetic information which makes it distinct from its progenitors. In the majority of animals, it begins an embryonic development, in independence from its parents. Only in a few cases, the embryo, by adaptation to a determined type of environment, is dependent upon the mother.

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