Sobre el discurso utópico de los derechos humanos. A propósito de dos conmemoraciones: 1948 y 1968

 -María Luisa Marín Castán

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The reflection on utopian discourse on human rights revolves around two important axes which reflect two typical processes of the struggle for human rights: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and the French students uprising of 1968. This year of 2008 the respective anniversaries are celebrated. Between the two events there exist links which are both historical and logical. The generation of beneficiaries of political, social and economic order created after World War II rebels against of the previous generation. Utopian discourse on human rights is different in both processes. In the face of collapse of the revolutionary utopias at the end of the past century, it has become reoriented and "reinvented" Utopian element which should accompany the discourse of human rights in XXI century.

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