Los temas y los aspectos: explorando una nueva dimensión de la agenda setting

 -Maxwell McCombs  -Dixie Evatt

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This article reviews the role of agenda setting in the contemporary world, that is the use of the media for the purposes of molding public opinion. Researchin the last twenty-five years has shown to what extent the media exert an influence on the manner in which people perceive reality, yet thinkers such as Lippmann and Park had grasped this truth many years ago by pointing out how the media, by showing and translating reality", set the "mental images" of the exterior world. This involves giving priority to some topics or aspects to the detriment of others, in agreement with the aims sought and the messages being transmitted. The authors underline the theoretical, methodological, technical and psychological aspects of agenda setting, and provide examples from different ambits, especially the political sphere. Words, images, stereotypes and media frames are all part of the means used to influence the perceptions,attitudes and understanding of mediausers.


Temas; Aspectos; Explorando; Dimesión; Setting


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