The Codification of the Law of International Watercourses: the draft articles adopted by the International Law Commission

 -Maurizio Arcari

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1. Introduction.- 2. Background and overview of the ILC Draft Articles: A) Background of the ILC work on international watercourses; B) Survey of the Draft Articles adopted in 1994 by the ILC.- 3. The scope of the Draft Articles: A) The definition of imernational watercourse; B) The probiem of transboundary confined groundwaters.- 4. The general principies: A) The principie of equitable utilization; B) The obligation not to cause significant harm; C) The relationship between the equitable utilization and the duty not to cause significant harm.- 5. The protection of international watercourses: A) Protection and preservation of ecosystems; B) Prevention, reduction and control of pollution.- 6. Conclusions.


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