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For an international student, navigating your way in a new place can be difficult at times. So to help get to know the services available around town we have put together this page.

Aplicaciones anidadas



Pamplona is a rare commodity. One of its distinguishing factors is the fact that it is easily walkable.



As we have come to know, mobile phones are important and to cut the cost of roaming many students look to buy a temporary phone. In order to get a phone students need to make sure to have their international identity card. For more information, please contact the International Relations Office.



Arriving in Pamplona
The only train stop in Pamplona is called Pamplona/Iruña. "Iruña" is the name of the city in Basque. When you arrive, we recommend that you take a taxi to your destination instead of taking the bus.

Travelling from Pamplona
The train station in Pamplona can only be reached by taxi or by taking the bus line 9 (towards RENFE). It is not necessary to be at a train station an hour before you are scheduled to depart. However, for larger train stations like in Madrid or Barcelona, it would be a good idea to be there at least 30 minutes before your departure.


Buying Train tickets Online
You can buy tickets from the website. If you do not have access to a printer, you can keep the QR code of your ticket on your mobile phone to be scanned at the train station, or you can go to the ticket machines at the train station before you depart and print your ticket. Some journeys are marked as "Con Transbordo" which means that you will have to transfer trains at some point in your journey.

The different ticket types:
- Turista - Similar to the economy class of airplanes, the basic fare.
- Turista Plus - This class offers more legroom than the Turista.
- Preferente - Similar to the business class of airplanes. These are the most comfortable seats on the train.



However, if you find yourself tired or caught in the rain, you might want to catch the local bus (known as the Villavesa). The bus fare can either be paid in change or by card. The normal fare is 1.30€ for one trip. But to save money, many locals and students get a rechargeable bus card. The bus card can be found in any "estanco"/  tobacco shop. The minimum amount to charge the card is 5€.

Long distance travel
To go to the local beach in San Sebastian, travel to Madrid or anywhere else in Spain, an economic option is to take the bus.

RI contacto-ingles

Servicio de Relaciones Internacionales

Universidad de Navarra
Campus Universitario

31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 42 56 00 Ext. 80 2181
For questions to do with immigration please email: visa@unav.es

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